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SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD

SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD

€99.00 €129.99
Product Description

The SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD combined with the Marvell 88SS9187 controller, will still make the Ultra II perform well and provide high endurance. However, unlike the case of the Extreme Pro, SanDisk doesn’t provide a specific endurance rating for the Ultra II. It’s very different from its older brothers, being the first drive from SanDisk that uses the company’s second-generation 19nm Triple Level Cell (TLC) flash memory. The SanDisk SSD features SanDisk’s own nCache 2.0 technology to further enhance drive speed and efficiency. The drive is also shock and vibration resistant and comes equipped with a SATA Revision 3.0 interface. The SanDisk Ultra II SSD contains no moving parts which helps conserve battery life and virtually eliminates the risk of the drive overheating when pushed to its limits. Use the slim 7mm (2.5″) profile, the drive easily fits inside the 7mm Ultrabook space as well as most other host devices.

  • Up to 28x better performance than a typical hard disk drive
  • Sequential Read 550MB/s; Sequential Write 500MB/s
  • Random read/write speeds of up to 98K IOPS/80K IOPS
  • No-wait boot up and shut down
  • Faster app load and response times
  • Up to 15 per cent longer battery life
  • nCache 2.0 technology delivers enhanced speed and endurance
  • NCQ support manages queue length for better multitasking and workload management

这款闪迪SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD固态硬盘,容量为480GB,属于至尊高速Ultra II系列,比至尊超级Extreme Pro第一个级别。采用八通道的Marvell 88SS9189主控,采用19nm的TLC颗粒,本款Ultra II不提供加密的支持。通过nCache 2.0技术加强了速度和耐久性,可以达到写入500MB/秒和550MB/秒的读取速度。

SanDisk Ultra II 480GB Solid State Drive 7mm SDSSDHII-480G-G25

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SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SATA III 2.5-Inch 7mm Height Solid State Drive...

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Customer Reviews
  • The SanDisk Ultra II SSD delivers good performance, and its high-capacity versions are currently the most affordable on the market. The drive includes helpful software.
  • This SSD is great. Didn’t clone my old operating system, opted for fresh install of Windows 10. Install was as easy as any other and boot speeds are great. What I haven’t seen on here are any Crystal Disk Mark results so I’m uploading mine.
  • Easy way to significantly boost speed! I used Macrium Reflect (free version) to clone the hard drive of my laptop to the SanDisk solid state drive which took about 45 minutes. Physical installation (remove back panel, remove old hard drive, install SSD) took about 2 minutes. Boot-up went from nearly 1.5 min to about 20 seconds. Overall, the process was much easier than I anticipated.

  • I used this as my secondary drive for games (Steam, GOG Galaxy, etc). I received it on 14 Jan 2016 and worked with no problems then on 30 Jan 2016 I noticed Geforce Experience wasn’t finding my steam games. Then while playing The Witcher 3 it took a while to load, then the game map wasn’t loading, textures wasn’t loading, etc. I USED THE SANDISK SOFTWARE AND ITS SMART FEATURE DETECTED NO ISSUES. I used both Quick and Thorough SMART test and no issues were detected at all. Then soon after the drive wasn’t listing anymore, it was gone. I rebooted the computer and my Bios detected via SMART the hard drive is messed up, backup and replace immediately. On the upside when Windows 10 loaded the drive listed.
  • Just died out of the blue. I loaded up a game, got a blue screen and that was it. It stopped being detected in the bios. Tried to do everything from different Sata cable, different Sata power cable, different port, and used an external reader to check. Nothing. Very unfortunate this could happen and as I’ve lost some important data which is also very inconvenient.