Playmobil 6001 Wolf Knight’s Castle $37.80
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Playmobil 6001 Wolf Knight's Castle

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Playmobil 6001 Wolf Knight's Castle

$37.80 $69.99

Playmobil 6001 Wolf Knight’s Castle

Product Description

The Playmobil 6001 Wolf Knight’s Castle is the hideout for when enemies attack. There are flags surrounding the castle displaying the head of a hawk to mark the knights territory. The drawbridge appears to have been damaged during a recent attack but you can help to keep the enemies at bay by using the firing cannons at the front of the castle. There are many knights on guard around the castle, including one on horseback and there is also a hanging cage to detain any captured enemies. The set comes complete with three Playmobil Hawk Knights – one on horseback and lots of accessories.

  • Secure your royal empire from unwanted visitors with the Hawk Knights’ Castle
  • Kids will love using the secret staircase, secret trap door, and secret treasure hiding place to guard valuable goods and hide from sneak attacks
  • Beware of enemies trying to breach the walls through the weak spot in the functioning drawbridge
  • If an adversary infiltrates your kingdom, catch him and throw him into the prison cage to teach him a lesson
  • Defend against the remaining enemies with the cannons, swords, and bow and arrow

本款Playmobil 6001 Wolf Knight’s Castle摩比狼骑士的城堡,编号6001,配有多种道具,城堡上可以放置守卫和武器,还有几个机关增加了可玩性。Playmobil摩比世界是由德国Geobra Brandstatter公司推出的一个玩具品牌,目前已经有40多年的历史,以场景化的玩具为主,目前已经生产了27亿个玩具公仔。

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PLAYMOBIL Wolf Knights' Castle Playset Building Kit

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