Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD €103.35+€18.18

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€122.99 €146.89 BUY NOW

Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD

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Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD

€122.99 €146.89

Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD

Product Description

The Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD is loaded with innovative features and immediately increases your system’s performance. With sequential reads up to 555 MB/s and an endurance rating that’s up to 5 times greater than a typical client SSD, the Crucial MX200 is engineered to never let up. Use the slim 7mm (2.5″) profile and with its included 7mm-to-9.5mm adapter bracket, the drive easily fits inside the 7mm Ultrabook space as well as most other host devices. The Crucial drive is also rounded out with standard SATA power and data connectors on the front.

  • Sequential reads/writes up to 555 / 500 MB/s on all file types
  • Random reads/writes up to 100k / 87k IOPS on all file types
  • Up to 5x more endurance and over 2x more energy efficient than a typical client SSD
  • Dynamic Write Acceleration delivers faster saves and file transfers

Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD speed

本次推荐的这款Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA SSD英睿达固态硬盘,属于MX200系列,是CES2015上发布的新品,产品由Micron独立制造,容量为500GB,主控采用了MX100上相同的Marvell 88SS9189 控制器,采用自家的16nm MLC闪存,相比M550的20nm颗粒功耗更低,最大读写速度500~550 MB/s,最大随机读写IOPS为87k~100k,平均无故障时间达到150万小时,支持256位AES加密。

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Crucial MX200 500GB mSATA Internal Solid State Drive - CT500MX200SSD3

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Customer Reviews
  • Fassssst. I power-on and get to the Windows Log-in screen in about 20 seconds. Crucial retail packaging includes an authorization key and download instructions for Acronis True Image software to (hopefully) transfer your primary HDD to the mSATA drive. The biggest bonus and not really expensive, are the two M2 screws included by Crucial. I only needed one screw for mounting the Crucial mSATA drive inside my Latitude E5440.
  • Anyone unsure about upgrading to Windows 10 should go for it. I have Windows 10 installed on this SSD and it boots up in about 10 seconds! All applications load lightning fast without any problems. Another reviewer commented that the included Acronis software should not be used as there are compatibility problems with Crucial SSDs. I have used it with Windows 10 and it seems to work perfectly.
  • This little thing is a great, zippy little drive for my Lenovo T430. It reduced my boot up time in Windows 10 from about 45 seconds to about 10, which I was quite pleased by. The installation of the drive itself was relatively straightforward – just fully shut off the laptop, remove the battery, unscrew the bottom panel, and plop it in. It even includes its own screws (though my laptop had some built in).

  • Not really a three star product except that you should not download Acronis true image with the supplied serial key . Just do a search on Acronis true image lock ups and you’ll find a number of articles referring to frequent lock ups after using it to clone crucial ssds under certain circumstances (windows 8 using Intel RST) . Once I uninstalled acronis (which installs a number of startup applications without any visible way of opting out which is probably the main issue) it stopped locking up.
  • The drive itself is fine, but it’s ridiculously hot – it’s operating at an idle temp of 75 degrees celsius when the processor is idling at 45 degrees celsius. For laptops this is terrible.