Badger AirBrush Co Sotar 2020-2F with Fine Head $93.13

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$93.13 $422.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+1
$93.13 $422.00 BUY NOW

Badger AirBrush Co Sotar 2020-2F with Fine Head

Badger AirBrush Co Sotar 2020-2F

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Badger AirBrush Co Sotar 2020-2F with Fine Head

$93.13 $422.00

Product Description

This Badger AirBrush Co Sotar 2020 provides the professional illustrator with an airbrush capable of producing the ultimate in fine line detail. It is more precise, more comfortable, and more reliable than any competitor. When fine line detail or the finest paint atomization for a “soft” spray pattern is required, SOTAR is the only choice. Finely pigmented properly reduced paints, water colors, inks, dyes, and low viscosity acrylics can be sprayed with the 20/20. The elongated body maintains an efficient distance between trigger and paint reservoir. The trigger and back lever assemble easily thanks to our innovative “track and winged” design. The MODEL 2020-2F has a mounted 1/12 ounce color cup which allows for extended use before having to add color. The fine (black) needle / nozzle will spray a “hair” line to 3/4 inch (19 millimeter) spray pattern. Kit includes SOTAR 2020-2F with an extra fine needle. Proudly made in the USA.

这款Badger AirBrush Co Sotar 2020-2F 属于伯爵喷笔的顶级产品,伯爵的名声在玩模型的应该都听过,做工烂的前提下却有着极好的雾化效果(这不科学啊)。sotar是伯爵的顶配系列,有大神测评2020没有r1v好,原因其实主要是在性价比部分,r1v价格800左右,而2020在淘宝的价格是2700+,效果差不多的情况下2020的性价比的确十分低。

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Badger Air-Brush Co Sotar 2020-2F Large Gravity Feed Airbrush with Fine Head

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Customer Reviews
  • This is my third airbrush that I have purchased; the other two being an Iwata Revolution and Badger Velocity. I have been airbrushing for about 10 years now and can safely say this is one of the finest tools I have bought.I use this brush for painting Warmachine models and it does an amazing job and atomizes paint the best out of my other two brushes. I would recommend if you are using a lot of one specific color that the gravity cup is on the small side. However, this is excellent for detailed work like OSL. The trigger pull on it is smooth. The lock out function on the rear of the brush is awesome. This allows you to lock in a stroke range which allows you consistent range of control.
  • Over the last few years, I have traded up from my Badger Anthem, to a Badger Patriot 105, and then a Badger Krome airbrush for painting my 1/35th scale model armor. I love all three, but never was able to develop the skill to free hand camouflage patterns reliably with my Krome. After seeing several youtube wideos, I decided to try the Badger Sotar 2020-2F. As soon as I took it out of the box, I was hooked. It is much lighter and shorter than my Krome and feels like a pen in my hands and, just like a pen, I was easily able to sketch in patterns. After about 20 minutes of practice, I took on a three color schemed Syrian T-55 which turned out perfectly. I was amazed and very pleased. It cleans as easily as my Patriots or my Krome.
  • Anyone who has airbrush knows that how fine you can keep a line or lines is the most important things, its a staple of an airbrush artist! This airbrush has the ability to spray paint with little to no over spray and give hard fine lines. I love it and use it almost every day and I can say this it will not disappoint!

  • This appears to be a refurbished model (if not a counterfeit).There was wear in the paint cup and paint residue in the bottom of the cup, under the needle by the threads.
  • The Sotar airbrush that I received showed obvious wear. It was not new by any means. No where on the description did it say that this was used or refurbished. The package did not look like the original and it came with no warranty card.
  • Knock off in a poorly printed box with all the right manufacturers labels, address and patents printed on it. The airbrush was of obvious inferior quality and had a bent needle right out of the box.